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POL110 U.S. Government
Question 1 The medium that first allowed public officials to reach the public in a relatively unfiltered manner was
Question 2 During the 2010 midterm elections, more than half of all Americans used __________ to get political news about the elections.
Question 3 The United States has a long tradition of media that are
Question 4 At least how many people must be polled to capture the opinions of 300 million people?
Question 5 Which of the following ages is most likely to be considered part of someone’s “impressionable years”?
Question 6 Partisanship is remarkably
Question 7 An outsider strategy that is designed to generate public pressure directly on government officials is
Question 8 Many strong social movements in the United States (for example, the antiwar movement of the late 1960s) never produced a significant third party. One reason is that
Question 9 The plurality system means the winner gets the ____ votes.
Question 10 The __________ manages the day-to-day work of the party.
Question 11 What amendment gave women the right to vote?
Question 12 Many scholars argue that the foremost factor in determining how people vote is
Question 13 Who used an upset victory in the Iowa caucuses to seize momentum and eventually claim the presidential nomination?
Question 14 Now, people can register to vote when they apply for
Question 15 A concurrent resolution passed by Congress seeks to
Question 16 A basic difference between a parliament such as Great Britain’s and the U.S. Congress is
Question 17 Which of the following statements about revenue bills is TRUE?
Question 18 The Supreme Court struck down an effort by a state to impose term limits on
Question 19 Most of the power in Congress is found in
Question 20 Where is the real work of Congress done?
Question 21 According to the text, modern members of Congress are more likely to communicate with each other
Question 22 In the Senate, a filibuster can be ended by invoking
Question 23 What is the term used to describe a two-chamber legislative body?
Question 24Beginning in 1997, the chairs of Senate committees were limited to
Question 25A marginal district is one in which

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