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NSG5000 Role of the Advanced Practice Nurse
Week 2 Knowledge Check
Question 1 
Sallie, is an experienced Nurse Practitioner, who practices autonomously in a rural clinic. She regularly precepts students and guest lectures to several graduate NP programs, writes weekly newspaper columns on prevention and health promotion and works closely with her legislature on health care policies and bills that would ensure access to care and promote patient outcomes. Sallie’s work is best described by which of the Advance Practice Nurse competencies?
Question 1 options:
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Question 2
The nurse in an advance practice role recognizes which statement represents a major benefit to a medical team when team members effectively collaborate and communicate?
Question 2 options:
When collaborating well, team members will be better informed with shared information, they will be better able to treat patients, and public perception of positive collaboration will help with building community trust.
Team members will experience less stress, which will create a more peaceful work environment.
The provider will reduce costs by being able to have fewer staff training sessions.
With time-saving through collaboration, shift demands on nursing could decrease.
Question 3
The nurse in advance practice understands which changes in American health care have contributed to a movement toward wellness, rather than illness management?
Question 3 options:
The provision of “boutique” health services, such as yoga and other non-traditional practices, has been a major influence on wellness promotion
Reduction in costs of health services (largely influenced by the Affordable Care Act) and a cultural value shift toward health maintenance contributed to the increased attention on wellness rather than illness.
A major decrease in pain medication treatment and overall high costs of health care have caused many Americans to turn to wellness practices, like daily exercise routines
Most employers now offer wellness programs for employees and often even provide financial benefits if employees use them regularly
Question 4
The advance practice nurse suspects that her patient is a victim of domestic violence but the patient denies. The two options wage the decision to confront with the decision to preserve the patient-provider relationship. This is considered:
Question 4 options:
Moral Distress
Moral Uncertainty
Moral Dilemma
Moral Distraction
Question 5 
After a few nurses have raised operational concerns about your inpatient clinic’s medication management and administration processes, as the nurse manager, the nurse executive asks you to provide recommendations on improving the system. Which of the following reflects transformational leadership in the most suitable best practices?
Question 5 options:
Remember to ask the patient to double-check the names and dosages of medication before taking. A checklist can be posted in each patient’s room
Offer to complete a thorough audit of errors and provide one-on-one training to employees with the most errors in recording patient data.
The department is polled on ways to reduce medication errors and unanimously the nurses suggest moving all medical data to an electronic system and using bar-coding on medications. They develop evaluative standards to ensure continuously prioritization of patient safety.
An external review team s assigned to perform a needs assessment on recent medical errors and provide a report. They can be asked to return on an annual basis to evaluate compliance to their guidelines.

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