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NSG5000 Role of the Advanced Practice Nurse
Week 4 Project
Health Policy Group Project
Work with your assigned group and assigned question. Identify the historical perspective, current issues/ problems (include regulations), and what is currently being done to change or improve.  Students will be graded as a group.
Please demonstrate engagement within group work.
Review the literature and address one of the following:
FNP/AGNP:Your group has been asked to present a poster on Practice Authority. Develop a power point poster template ofall statesauthority to practice for APRNS.Three categories must be address, unrestricted, limited or strict restrictions. Develop a comprehensive list and specificsof each state regulation. Please address questions below and conclude with the group’s position on thediversity in regulation and what should be done to change it. Medicare reimbursement for NPs is 85% for the same health care that MDs receive at 100% reimbursement? Please address questions below and state your position on this mandate.
Nurse Executive: Your group has been asked to present a disposition “white” paper on Value Based Care. What is value based care and how will it impact decisions made at the executive level relative to patient outcomes, reimbursement, nursing care and AP nursing? Please address and state the group’s position on the regulation.
Nurse Informaticists:Your group has been assigned to determine the impact the role of the NI has on patient outcomes. Select a topic from Ch 24 ( Hamric). What law(s) was enacted to regulate health information? Please address questions below and the position on this regulation in a narrative format.
Nurse Educator:Your group has been assigned to explore the competencies of a nurse educator. Your group will debate the preparation of DNPs versus PhD as nurse educators, stating the pros and cons of each preparation and include what agencies regulate nurse education. You will develop a comparison and contrast table and a narrative to explain.
 For the above assignment,  use the following guide:
Describe the current policy/status, which organization regulates and determine if it needs to change; if opposed to change, state why.
Provide the process required to make the change with key players and parties of interest; identify the groups who are opposed
Explain how AP roles (which ones) could lead the effort to make or influence the change in policy or keep the policy the same and the impact in healthcare quality.
Demonstrate group cohesiveness

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