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NSG5000 Role of the Advanced Practice Nurse
Week 5 Knowledge Check
Question 1 
Which APN role was purposely created to be broad in scope but in recent years that broadness has caused challenges understanding exactly what they can do?
Question 1 options:
Question 2 
What best demonstrates the advanced practice registered nurse professional leadership?
Question 2 options:
adding clinical protocols to the advanced practice nurse’s scope of practice.
comparing the workplace roles of the registered nurse and the advanced practice nurse.
creating a task force to address scope of practice concerns.
lobbying to eliminate continuing education requirements.
Question 4
The scope of practice of an Adult/Gerontological PC NP allows evaluation of what age group of patients?
Question 4 options:
Newborns to elderly
21 years and up
13 years and up
only 65 and older
The AGNP working in primary care is made aware of a denial of services for one of her patients. Which action demonstrates an appropriate competency and skill?
Question 5 options:
mentoring staff to investigate the patient’s needs
acceptance and articulation to explain to the patient the reason for denial
advocacy through communication to the denying agency and reviewing other options
articulating to the collaborating physician as likely the MD can make this happen

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