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Question 1 Which  area of patient health is not directly addressed in Nightingale’s 13 canons for nursing practice?
Question 1 options:
A)           Observing and recording patient behavior
B)            Ensuring patient comfort and continuity of care
C)            Caring for the holistic, spiritual aspects of the patient
D)           Providing appropriate food and stimulation for the patient
Question 2 Which selection most closely matches the definition of the health metaparadigm according to the concepts outlined by Nightingale?
Question 2 options:
A)           Independence
B)            Psychological, social, biological, and physiological interactions
C)            A positive high-level state that is personally defined
D)           Being well and using one’s talents wel
Question 3 According to Nightingale’s model, what is the impetus for the cooperation of the nurse, nature, and the patient in the reparative process?
Question 3 options:
A)           The nurse’s devotion to his or her calling
B)            The patient’s desire for health
C)            The tendency of biological systems to seek balance
D)           The human tendency to alleviate the suffering of others
Question 4
Which statement is not one of the 14 basic patient needs as outlined by Henderson?
Question 4 options:
A)           To develop adequate self-care habits
B)            To worship according to one’s faith
C)            To move and maintain desirable postures
D)           To participate in various forms of recreation

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