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Addressing Behavioral Risk Factors:

Use Risk factor topic: Unhealthy Dietary Behaviors

A description of the behavioral risk factor in children and adolescents such as Illegal substance use and address how this factor is impacting your community in California.

Using the Population-Based Intervention Model, suggest at least one intervention that could be put into place at each stage (downstream, midstream, and upstream) to ensure that a health prevention program addressing the behavioral risk factor would have a greater chance at succeeding.

Justify why each intervention you identified would be effective.

Ensure to address the following:

1. How is a Behavioral Risk Factor (Unhealthy Dietary Behaviors) Impacting my community in California?

2. Population-Based Intervention Model – Justification of One Intervention in Each Phase to Optimize Chance at Succeeding: Each phase of a Downstream, Midstream & Upstream.

· The initial post should be substantive and a minimum of 250 words.

· All postings must provide details, statistics, and ideas, be analytical, integrate theory, research, and/or professional experience, specific examples and/or substantiating evidence, and in-text citations supported with a minimum of 2 reference(s) from peer-reviewed journals within the last 3 to 5 years. The student will be expected to follow APA guidelines for online submissions.

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