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For this research assignment, you will be writing a report on the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) that was signed into law by the President in December, 2017.  This law was effective beginning tax years 2018 and included many significant changes to both Individual and Corporate Tax Law.  USE THE TEMPLATE PROVIDED TO HELP YOU ORGANIZE YOUR PAPER.


1) Paper must be at least 3 pages of content (no maximum limit), double-spaced, NOT including your cover page or References page (so, 5 pages with your cover page and references page), and using APA guidelines. (Use the APA Template attached to these instructions). 

2) Research the TCJA tax law changes affecting INDIVIDUAL TAXPAYERS (not businesses or corporations) and use a minimum of 2 sources for your paper.   The sources must be professional news articles, or journal articles – not Wikipedia, or Investopedia.  All sources must be dated between 2018 and 2022.

3) Answer the following 3 questions:

a)   What were some of the significant tax law changes for Individuals beginning in 2018? (you don’t have to discuss them all, just choose some major changes, possibly that you found most interesting)

b)   What was the reported reason for the tax law changes?

c)   How did these tax law changes affect individuals of various income brackets,  the economy overall, the tax revenue, the government deficit, or other issues in the years after the change?   Note:  There may be very politically one-sided views in articles that you find.  Please try to share views from both sides if sharing political views.  This paper is not about your opinions, but about facts that you find in your research.

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