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Discussion 2 Assignment
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The focus of this assignment will be on race/ethnicity in the United States. In this assignment, students will learn about U.S. policies that affected different racial and ethnic groups economically, politically, and socially. Before beginning this assignment, please read Chapter 3 in your textbook.
Part A: Watch the film Episode 3: The House We Live in from Race: The Power of an Illusion. (The link is available in the module, which links directly to the library) Episode 3 is one part of a larger film, so please make sure to watch Episode 3: The House We Live In, which is about 57 minutes in length.
Note: You may need to login to the Chabot library system to access this link. This film has closed captioning, so please click on CC on the bottom right of the screen to access this resource.
What to write about for Part A: After watching this film, describe two policies that you learned about in the film that had and impact on the lives of racial/ethnic groups in the United States. Would these two policies be considered a form of institutional discrimination towards some groups? Why or why not? (a definition and description of this term is described in section 3.4 in the text and in the Chapter Slides). Do you think these policies still have an impact on peoples lives today?
Part B The second half of the film describes in detail housing inequality in the United States and the effects of policies, such as redlining. For this part of the assignment, students will analyze data collected by the census related to both race/ethnicity and where people live. 
Begin by clicking on the map here (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. to access data (this is not from the U.S. Census website, but University of Virginia researchers used Census data to create a map detailing where people in the U.S. live according to the racial/ethnic group they identified as in the census). After accessing the map, click to add map labels and choose three cities to analyze. These can be any three cities of your choice. Look at these three cities on the map and study where people of different racial groups live in these cities. Make sure to zoom in close because what may look like a city that is very integrated from a distance on the map, may actually be clearly segregated closeup or vice versa.
What to write for Part B: Which three cities did you choose? In these cities, were people residentially segregated by race? Where did the map show groups of people live in the United States? How did the three cities compare? Were some cities you analyzed more or less segregated than others? 
Requirements for this Discussion:
-Complete both parts of the assignment and make sure your post is at least 300 words in length.
-You will need to reply to two students, each reply post should be at least 150 words.  
-This post is due on February 19th by 11:59pm. Two replies to students due on February 26th by 11:59pm.
To submit a post: Click reply to this assignment then compose and submit your post. Once you click “post reply” all students in the class will be able to read your post. You will not be able to change your post once you click submit, so make sure you submit your final draft.
To submit a reply to a student: Go to the post that a student has submitted and click reply. Compose your reply and submit. All students in the class will be able to read your reply.
 Below are the Chapter slides to help guide the readings for this module.
Chapter 3
Chapter 4

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