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Corporate Sustainability
 There is increasing focus on the role of business in contributing to and addressing sustainability issues. This assignment seeks to get you quickly engaged with the business interface of a sustainability issue that you are most familiar and/or interested in. The intent is to encourage independent research, critical thinking and broadly improve your contextual knowledge of the business sector. Write a brief essay about a significant sustainable development issue of climate change impacting the business sector. You are expected to:
? Describe the issue (e.g. definition, cause and effects), outlining its evolution and highlighting key events that have defined the issue to date. Address the physical / factual dimensions of the issue (e.g. size, scope or scale of the issue) as well as the societal / regulatory / legal context, if appropriate, for how the issue has evolved (e.g. global agreements,national laws/regulation). Do not focus on any particular industry at this stage of the essay. (12%)
? Describe the interface / interactions of business with respect to the issue. How has business contributed to the issue?
How has business been impacted? How has business responded? You may choose a specific industry, or industries, to focus on for this section but do not choose one specific organisation. (18%)
? Provide commentary and conclusions about the current trends and future responses to the issue and potential implications for business. (5%)
? Written expression: grammar, quality of references, essay structure and logic. (5%)  you must provide at lest 10 reference

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