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HIST365 Recent America 1945 to the Present
Week 2 Discussion
1. What aspects of post World War II America shaped the issues that arose in the 1950s?
2. Was the Eisenhower Doctrine effective?
3. Explain the results and the reason for them in the Presidential Election of 1952.
4. President Eisenhower in his Inaugural Address lists a set of fixed principles we possess as a nation.  Are we still guided by these principles today?
5. Brown v. Board of Education is known as landmark Supreme Court case.  Justify its relevance by discussing historical events leading up to the discussion and its impact.  Be sure to include commentary about the Southern Manifesto.
6. What was Eisenhower’s point of view on Senator McCarthy? Was he justified?
7. After watching the video lecture from William Hitchcock, explain the impact of the Eisenhower Presidency.
8. What impact did the television have on society, economics, and politics during the 1950s?
9. How did the changing culture in the 1950s affect the upbringing of children and adolescents during this period?

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