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Writing Assignment #1
Report on
Professional Organization and Conference



Summary of assignment

Task: You will write a report on a professional organization in your field and a conference that the organization sponsors.
Length: 600-900 words
Format: If you cite the conference or other sources, you should use APA format in citing the information
Sources:  You will cite sources in this paper if you refer to information you obtained   from other sources. There is no minimum or maximum number of sources for this paper.
Purpose: The information you glean from this assignment will help you become more aware of professional contacts, trends in the field, and perhaps employment opportunities in the field.

Steps to Take in Completing this Assignment

Locate at least one professional organization in the field or profession that you plan to pursue.

One way to locate an organization of this nature is to conduct an advanced search on Google. For example, the following screen capture shows a student searching for professional organizations in cybersecurity.



Please note that a professional organization is a voluntary, member-based organization. A training workshop offered by a company is not a professional organization event.
For example, if Cisco offers training workshops and identifies the training workshop as a conference, that event is actually not a conference offered through a professional organization. It is a conference offered through a private company. You want to find a conference sponsored by  a professional organization.

Find out what annual or regularly scheduled conferences the organization coordinates. For example, in the field of cybersecurity, the IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Security and Privacy sponsors an annual conference. Its conference for 2019 will be held in Stockholm, Sweden:





Write your report, highlighting your findings. Your report will feature the following sections with these headings:


Professional Organization (approximately 100-200  words)
Description of Conference  (approximately 300-500 words)
Personal Applications (approximately 100-200 words)


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