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Unit 4 Discussion: Network Topology
Three interns are discussing the enterprise headquarters offices and the network topology redesign. The headquarters consists of three large buildings separated by a centralized parking lot and a fourth administrative building down the street. The three buildings are interconnected by switches and routers and the fourth admin building via a site-to-site VPN through a business broadband. The admin building has a wireless access point as part of its network. One intern insists that the headquarters buildings consist of a large LAN, the second that it is a MAN, and the third that it is a WAN.
Let’s assign roles again based on your birth month: (June)

May-August:  MAN network

Discuss the customer’s network security design with your team. Title your thread with the network you were assigned.

Make your argument for the network topology assigned to you and then propose the most appropriate encryption solution(s). 
What is your topology rationale in terms of the network that you were assigned?
Explain how in the headquarters network configuration you could employ IPSEC and WPA2 protocols.

Make sure to support your thoughts with resources, citing them in APA style. When responding to others, choose someone who has a different network assignment.  Compare and contrast your ideas with theirs. Make sure to go back into your own thread and respond to those that replied to you.

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