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Video Asset: Dimensions of Comprehension
 Directions: Locate a video that discusses the following questions regarding students assessments in the classroom.  Cite references and make sure information is scholarly written. Check due dates.
1.Identify and define the four dimensions of comprehension.
2.What is meant by the quote “We not only need to teach kids how to read the word, we need to teach them how to read the world”?
3.Think about the four identified dimensions of comprehension. How might a teacher encourage growth in the personal dimension?
Read the following questions.
Concepts about Print
Phonemic Awareness and Alphabetic Principle
Phonics and Word Attack Skills
Teaching and Assessing Vocabulary Development
Reading Comprehensions: Focus on the Reader
What are characteristics of effective comprehensions instruction?  What are effective reading comprehension strategies we should teach? What are some strategies for knowledge and experience-based comprehension instruction?
How does a focus on rimes (word families) strengthen children’s decoding and spelling skills? Does instruction in phonemic awareness help children succeed in reading?
Does phonics instruction improve reading achievement? How do effective teachers assess student’s letter and word identification strategies? How can teachers effectively assess students’ vocabulary knowledge?

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