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Choose ONE of the following discussion question options to respond to:
Walmart and the Effects of Globalization

How have changes in the industry and the effects of globalization impacted Walmart’s ability to successfully compete? List and describe two factors that are negatively impacting Walmart.

Tesla Motors and the U.S. Automotive Industry

Using the five forces model, what implications can we derive for how Tesla Motors should compete in the U.S. car industry? What would be your top three recommendations for Elon Musk? Support your arguments.

Rothaermel, Chapter 3: External Analysis: Industry Structure, Competitive Forces, and Strategic Groups
Hitt & He, “Firm Strategies in a Changing Global Competitive Landscape”  
Kim & Mauborgne, “Charting Your Company’s Future”
Parra, Oyon, Parmigiani, & Schnegg, “Look Outside Your Firm: A Tool to Sense What’s Coming: The Landscape Monitor”

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