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Watch Star Wars: Episode V, The Empire Strikes Back (1980). Based on this film, write a 500-1000 word essay in which you analyze the movie in terms of the racial and religious trends of the 1970s and how Star Wars not only reflected these trends, but also created new trends as well. Explain why the film was so enormously popular in America.
Paper Requirements:
• Write in 3rd person voice. DO NOT use 1st person voice.
• Use Arial or Helvetica Font, 12 point size
• Margins should be 1″ on all four sides of your essay
• Name block is single-spaced. The rest of the essay is double-spaced.
• Do not add extra space after carriage returns or any other paper stretching method. Remember, the word count (500-1000 words) is the requirement, so trying to stretch a three page paper into five pages is pointless. When you turn a paper in electronically, it gives a word count. Short papers will receive a significant point deduction.
• Grammar, punctuation, spelling and proper essay formatting count. You should be able to write a well organized essay, which includes an introduction with a solid thesis, a well-organized and cohesive body, and a proper conclusion. If you have trouble in these areas, please go to the learning center to get assistance. It is located in University Hall (UH) 351.
• No outside sources are necessary or desired for this assignment.
• Double-check that you have cited your sources. I am ruthless when it comes to plagiarism, so please make sure your sources are properly cited. Including only a bibliography at the end is not enough. You must include both the proper citation notes and a bibliography in MLA, APA, or Chicago-Turabian style.
• Put your NAME, CLASS AND SECTION NUMBER (History 146-03) on your paper in the top right corner

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