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Week 5 Discussion 1 – Involving Others in Curriculum Planning
After completing this week’s Readings and Resources, respond to the following questions.
Once again, pull out the curriculum unit or content that you chose at the beginning of this course. It has usually been the case that scholars, educators, sometimes parents and other citizens have been involved in the process of planning the curriculum. The group that has been noticeably absent represents the students.
As you think about this, informally poll some students in your class and get their take on how the curriculum content has their best interests at heart and what might be some deficiencies that they would want to address.  If your school happens to be on break at this point and you do not have access to students, feel free to share input you have received in the past from students on this issue. Share what you learn in our discussion thread, keeping in mind the following:

Were your students willing to give their opinions?
Did their responses lend meaningful suggestions on deficiencies they feel should be addressed?
What part or parts of the curriculum did they feel were helpful and engaging?
As you consider their responses, what might be a more in-depth role for teachers to play in the process?

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