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Week 5: Discussion

Q.1 There are three (3) theories of discrimination: (1) disparate treatment, (2) mixed motive, and (3) disparate impact.  Discuss one of the theories and a case that used this theory as a basis for the decision. 

Q.2 Please differentiate between express, implied, and apparent authority (authority by estoppel).  Research cases such as Hoddeson v. Koos Bros Furniture, 135 A.2d 702 (NJ Appellate Division, 1957).  How does the concept of respondeat superior apply in agency cases?

Q.3 Please research and differentiate between "Frolic" and "Detour" using an internet source.


Q.4 Revenue Cycle Management

How can a healthcare organization improve its revenue cycle management? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the two methods used to convert accounts receivable to cash?

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