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Short Paper 8

Sports Facility Advertising

Will HoekwaterSouthern New Hampshire University SPT-601 Dr. Amy Stell

Sport Facility Advertising

Sports signage is central to improving visitor and fan experience in sports facilities. Signage is a visual or graphic display utilized to convey information. Sport facility managers can use signage to advertise and promote upcoming events, which can help draw visitors and fans to their facilities. This can help maximize sales and generate additional revenue. The following paper will analyze new inventories of signage that can be utilized to maximize advertising sales within a sports facility: LED displays, LCD video walls, wall wraps, and stadium banners.

LED Displays

LED displays are the new types of displays that adopt LED technology. A sports facility manager can implement Smart technologies in LED displays to keep fans and visitors in the know. In other words, LED displays can be used to ensure fans do not miss a minute of the action of the floor or the field. LED displays can also provide information about future events and even inform fans about available options for ticket upgrades (Sawan et al., 2020). They also entertain fans with fantasy scores, live sports broadcasts, and even sponsor messages. Further, a sports facility manager can use LED displays to advertise special deals, promote team stores, and promote beverage and food options around the facility. These promotion opportunities are associted with an increase in advertising sales. 

LCD Video Walls

LCD video walls also provide an opportunity to maximize sales and generate revenues. Impressive LCD video walls can improve fans' experience in the sports facility with breathtaking content and stunning images. Display technologies with wide viewing angles and ultra-high brightness offer optimal visibility for fans and visitors. This will increase the popularity of the facility and help generate greater revenues.

Wall Wraps

Wall wraps are also effective in maximizing advertising sales. A wall wrap refers to a logo or design printed on vinyl. It can be installed on any surface to improve or transform the space. A sports facility manager can install a wall wrap on a sports facility to complement their LED displays, particularly those that show advertisements and announcements about future events. This, in turn, will make the facility more aesthetically appealing and attractive. Further, wall wraps can attract more visitors to the sports facility, leading to increased advertising sales. 

Stadium Banners

Banners can also help generate additional advertising revenue. Sports facility managers can use a stadium banner to promote their teams. The use of a stadium banner is a great opportunity to display the team’s name, logo, and sponsor message (Killick & Griffiths, 2022). This will give fans and visitors a visual idea or clue of who is playing. Further, sports facility managers can display the team’s color and slogan on stadium banners to enhance visual recognition. Lastly, sports facility managers can include a sponsor message on a stadium banner. This, in turn, will market the sports facility and increase revenues.


Sports signage, such as LED displays, LCD video walls, wall wraps, and banners, can help maximize advertising sales. Sports signage allows sports facility managers to promote upcoming events, attract more visitors, and make sports facilities more attractive and appealing. This is a great way to maximize advertising sales.


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