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I MUST HAVE ORIGINAL WORK…With at least one up to date reference. A nice paragraph with about 150 words for each part. and the response to Glenn in about 150 words. 
Part A (Chapter 16)
1. What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using social medial tools in the recruitment process? What type of policies should organizations implement when using social media tools for recruitment? What are some legal ramifications of using social media during the recruitment process?
Part B (Chapter 17)
2. What do you predict will be some HRIS trends in the future? Explain. Do you think security and privacy will improve or decline in regard to future HRIS trends?
I need a response to this post in about 120 words.
It’s imperative that HR and HRIS become more savvy when it comes to the future technology changes. Security is a critical means when using websites and compiling data that pertains to thousands of personnel. It’s definitely a challenge to try and beat your competition at its own game. Everyone wants to gain an advantage so what better way than always updating your systems with the latest and greatest technology.

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