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1) What are the characteristics that make an occupation a profession?  List and define at least 5.
What characteristics does the hospitality industry have that might  qualify it as a profession? List at least 3 and give examples or  definitions of these characteristics.
In your opinion should the hospitality industry be regarded as a  profession?  Why or why not?  Explain your answer in 5-7 sentences.
As managers we are to hire people whose ethical standards are  either compatible with the facilites’ standards or who will be able to  accept and work within those same ethical standards of the facility. 
Think about what you will look for in a job interview with a  potential employee to determine that the employee can meet the ethical  standards of the organization.
In your answer: 
1. Explain in 3-5 sentences how you will determine (questions,  scenarios, background history, etc) that this potential employee will  meet your standards.  
2. Think back to questions you have been asked in a job interview,  or questions you would create from personal experience. Provide at  least 4-5 questions that you will ask. 
3)   Do managers and employees have the same or different  responsibilities for bringing unethical behavior to the attention of  responsible management? Why?
Explain in 5-7 sentences.
4)    First, explain in 5-7 sentences the importance of positive communication skills in the workplace.  
Second, identify the different ethical priniciples (Chapter  1) impacted with negative communication skills. Explain why these  ethical principles are impacted.

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