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Based upon your personal assessment of your current knowledge, skills and abilities, or based upon your results from the Cultural Awareness Self-Assessment Form, or based upon feedback you have received from others, ask yourself the following questions: 

What are the five specific concerns you have about becoming a multicultural educator? 
What can you do to address those concerns? 
In what ways do I believe cultural differences impact the teaching and learning process?
How do I select instructional strategies to ensure all students are learning to be culturally proficient?
What important knowledge, skills, and dispositions do effective teachers of culturally diverse students possess?

After determining the key learning areas in which you want to focus, develop specific and measurable goals in which to pursue.  Use this template to facilitate your goal-setting process, to document your results, and to track your accomplishments. 
Choose your goals from the following three areas:

Goals for expanding knowledge and understanding (about self, content, cultures)
Goals for enhancing skills (with teaching, learning, curriculum development, assessment, and so forth)
Goals for addressing beliefs and attitudes (capacity for reflection, dispositions, understanding of values and beliefs)

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