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The breakdown of your paper should be as follows:
• What did you learn about HR & Self Service in our class? Why would it be important to Understand as an HR director? What are the positives and negatives of HR & Self Service? Cite examples that you find from research in our library about the positives and negatives of HR & Self Service. What are some of the resources that you could use for HR & Self Service in an organization? Use our library and research different HR & Self Service tools. Discuss two of these tools in this section of your paper and discuss specific providers that you might find during your research. What are some of the considerations that would be important when making decisions about HR & Self Service?
Save your review as Last Name_Review_HRMT415.doc (e.g. Smith_Review_HRMT415.doc).
Paper Format:
A.  Abstract
B. Title Page – Include a title page with your name, student number, title of your review, course number, course name, session, section, semester and date.
C. Introductory Paragraph – Include an introductory paragraph.
D. Font and Spacing – Use Arial or Times New Roman 12 pitch font with double spaced lines.
E. Length – Write a 2 page review not including the title page and citation page.
F. Reference Page – Include all sources on a Reference page
2. Utilize the APA Style for the review and to documenting sources.
3. Punctuation, essay format (thesis, supporting paragraphs with transition and topic sentences, and summary) grammar and documentation count toward your grade.

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