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Autobiographical Essay – 15% of grade – 3-4 pages DUE END OF WK 10. Submit here.
Description Your first writing assignment this semester is to write a first-person, autobiographical essay that explores your own ethnic/racial or class identity. In this 3-4 page paper, you should strive to answer the following question:
1) What influences (cultural, historical, family, religion) have most shaped your life?Before you begin to write, take the time to reflect on these questions:
2) What shapes your identity? Do you reject or embrace those influences on your life?
3) What are your origins or roots? What is your family’s immigration story?
4) Is it important for you to know your ancestry?
*Jotting some brief responses to these kinds of questions may help you figure out how you want to answer the main question. Remember that in this essay, there are no right or wrong answers—only what is true for you. As a result, you will be graded not so much on what you say (we don’t intend to judge your truth!), but rather on how you say it, i.e. the strength and clarity of your writing style and grammar.

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