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What is philosophy, as Socrates understands it?  Based on the Lynch video, do you think philosophy can play a productive role in helping us understand how to manage the “post-truth” era?
· The Apology of Socrates (?πολογ?α Σωκρ?τους) by Plato
· [VIDEO] The Ideas of Socrates – The Academy of Ideas on YouTube
After you’ve finished reading “Apology” this video will help you pin down the central ideas.

· [VIDEO] How to see past your own perspective and find truth – Michael Lynch TED Talk
Lynch is the director of the Humanities Institute at UConn and he has a current book about truth in the digital age.  Here he explains the threat to truth in the digital age and explains why philosophy is the best way to resolve the threat.

· “Post-Truth” The 2016 Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year

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