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Using the Toulmin Method, analyze the argument being made in “Jeff Sessions Endless War on Marijuana”
1)What is the author’s claim? Was the claim clear? Was the claim absolute or was a qualifier used?
2)What are the author’s reasons? (Remember the Reason(s) are linked to the claim by the word “because”). Are the reasons weak or strong?
3)What evidence does the author provide to support his claim and reasons? Is the evidence weak or strong? Too much pathos/anecdotal evidence? Not enough logos/hard data?
4)What counter-arguments did the author present? Did he offer a strong rebuttal to the counter argument(s) or was the rebuttal weak? Were there counter-arguments the author should have considered?
5)What warrants (underlying assumptions) did you find in the author’s argument? Were the warrants stated or unstated in the argument? Are there problematic warrants, things the author assumes the he or she shouldn’t assume?
6) What do you feel are the overall strengths and weaknesses of the argument? In other words, are you convinced or not? Why?
Answer each question separately NOT essay format.

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