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Answer the following question before you watch the preceding videos.  Be reflective and honest with your response (500 word min. for all responses combined).
(1) What is your opinion of the immigration policy in America? Why do you feel this way?
Now watch the following videos and respond to the questions below.

Follow-up Questions:
(2) Overall, in the last decade, how do you think American perspectives on immigration have changed? Why do you think this has happened? 
(3) Why do you feel the topic of immigration is so polarized? (i.e., many people feel so strongly one way or another)
(4) If you had the power to change the immigration policy in America, how would you change it? Why?
(5) Now, put yourself on the opposing end of your previous answers. Why do you think someone else may view immigration differently? 
(6) After watching the 3 videos above, do you feel any different than you did when responding to question #1? Why? Why not? 
Additional videos arguing both sides of immigration in the U.S. (These are for your own knowledge. You do not need to respond directly to these).  (warning: powerful video)

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