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1. (a) Why is identification of the real problem the first and most important step in the decision-making process?
(b) How does attribution theory explain mistakes that can be made as managers and employees work together to explain why the problem occurred?
2. How can organizations effectively manage both risk taking and escalation of commitment in the decision-making behavior of employees?
3. How can organizations encourage creative decision making?
This are different questions:
1.  A. Describe the bounded rationality model of making decisions.
B. How useful are such models of making decisions in today’s organizations? (Why are such models used today? Are they useful? Are they relevant?)
2.  A. List Carl Jung’s four cognitive styles. (Chapter 3 reviews Carl Jung and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Instrument.)
B. Describe each of these four cognitive styles.
3.  How does the Z problem-solving model capitalize on the strengths of the four preferences?
4.  A. What are the individual influences on creativity?
B. What are the organizational influences on creativity?
5.  A. What are the organizational foundations of empowerment and teamwork?
B. What are the individual foundations of empowerment and teamwork?
6.   A. Describe the advantages of group decision making.
B. Describe the disadvantages of group decision making.
7.  A. Describe the symptoms of groupthink.
B. Identify actions that can be taken to prevent groupthink.
8.  What techniques can be used to improve group decision making?
Also different questions:
a. What are the elements of the decision-making process?
b. Identify and discuss the three reasons why managers may hang on to a losing course of action or escalate their commitment. (Why do managers react in this way?)
c. Your text discusses the difficult decisions frequently confronting the Blue Man Group. Many of these decisions would be classified as programmable and non programmable. However, the feature states the group has consistently made effective decisions as reflected by its continuous success, probably due to the members staying true to a vision and making sound business decisions in line with that vision. In your opinion, what is it within each member of the Blue Man Group that allows such focused dedication? In other words, identify the special “something” (or “somethings”) that must be at the core of each member of the group.

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