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Wk 3 Essay: Platonistic Or Aristotelian Leanings
Philosopher, Garth Kemerling, wrote: 
Although their relative reputations often varied widely, the philosophies of Plato and Aristotle continued to exert a powerful influence throughout the following centuries. Even now, it is often suggested that Western thinkers are invariably either Platonic or Aristotelean. That is, each of us is inclined either toward the abstract, speculative, intellectual apprehension of reality, as Plato was, or toward the concrete, practical, sensory appreciation of reality, as Aristotle was.
Essay topic
Consider your own world view: are you an idealist as in Platonism, or are you a realist like Aristotle?   Explain your sense of idealism or realism with at least three specific examples.
Directions: 3 page essay, Works Cited/References (4th page), at least 3 sources, MLA or APA style, please use MS Word.

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